protect children from Lead Paint Poisoning - iStock-1198431447.jpgIn a news report from CBS News in San Francisco, inspectors from Santa Clara County Health Department closed down two firms deemed to have dangerous lead levels at their premises. A gymnastic and an indoor shooting range operating under the business name Target Masters West and Sweet's Gymnastics, respectively, were marked as unsafe by health inspectors, and all occupants were ordered to vacate.

 The process started with the collection of samples from various places inside the businesses' rooms. These samples were then forwarded to the California Department of Public Health, who confirmed the existence of elevated lead levels. Santa Clara's Health director confirmed the incident. Sweet's Gymnastics' members received an email informing them of the indoor range's closure. Some members, however, seemed to have missed the notification. They showed up at the facility and were promptly turned away.  Target Masters offers services to young people, including preschoolers. A long-time employee had expressed his fears about the level of lead at the nearby indoor range. Davie Sweet has been working at indoor ranges and gymnastics for the last 30 years. He noted that the children who frequented the gymnastic might have been exposed to unacceptable amounts of lead. 

According to David, the lead at Time Masters came from the neighboring Sweet's Gymnastic. The building where Time Masters is located was constructed more than 30 years ago. Since then, cracks and holes have developed on the walls and floors. David thinks that the lead may have found its way into his business's rooms via these cracks. 

However, Inspectors have pointed fingers at the ventilation system. They believe lead from the ammunition used over the last three decades may have accumulated in the building's ventilation system. The lead then found its way into the other rooms. County Health officials expanded the investigation to other nearby businesses. In the meantime, extensive lead cleanup is ongoing.  Lead can cause health problems and lead to the closure of your business. If you have an indoor range and need a quick and thorough cleanup, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


The EPA Issues Stricter Guidance to Protect Children

For the 1st time in almost 20 years, the EPA issued more substantial lead clearance levels
 to protect American children from the dangers of lead. This final rule will lower the clearance levels for the amount of lead that can remain in the dust on floors and window-sills after lead removal activities, known as abatement. 

In our recent article we discuss in detail this new EPA ruling regarding the lead clearance levels helping to protect children.

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