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 Lead paint removal-ELD combined


ELD PRO combinedupdated Jan18


 Lead paint removal Walmart review  Sept 2017 updated


“I used this product in a variety of conditions and found it treated the lead, I will use and recommend this product in the future for sure!”HealthyChoices from Denver Colorado

"One coat was enough. It even looks good on its own without further covering. And it's easy to clean up after because it's a latex paint. Once the ECOBOND® LBP was applied and it dried thoroughly (24-48 hours), I put on a top coat of a premium latex semi-gloss white. It now shines and looks fantastic. I am using it to cover all the trim/moldings in my home. It bonded so well with the topcoat; I think it could serve as a great primer for any paint job, even if you were not interested in just covering lead paint. I am definitely impressed with this product and would recommend it without reservation.”Rocco from Lakeland, FL

"Good for the price. Good idea to have coverage for lead based paint as lead is a dangerous metal that can hurt children and pregnant women.” Janise from Boston, MA

"The project went well; [ECOBOND LBP] covered our old paint very well...we are very pleased with this product." P. Robbins, Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro

“The first time we used your ECOBOND® LBP product was for the demolition of a several story, railroad signal tower in metropolitan New York. The coatings on the steel were very thick and had a very high lead concentration. Shortly after applying just a coat or two of the ECOBOND® LBP product, we were able to readily treat  the old coatings to reveal bright metal, without any significant dust or ambient air lead concentrations. In fact, all of the numerous layers of paint came off as if they were a single coat. This product works, as advertised, and dramatically reduces potential lead exposure for workers and the public alike.” Timothy P. Casamento, P.E.; Vice-President; Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc.

"ECOBOND® [LBP] proved itself in a demonstration on 26 buildings at Ft. Ord. The product works and offers potential for future savings." Stan Cook, Project Manager, Ft. Ord Reuse Authority

"Since learning about MT2's ECOBOND® LBP, we have found that this product provides a cost-effective way to improve safety for our workers while at the same time reducing the challenges we face in working with LBP. In fact, PCI has been able to effectively make ECOBOND® a part of winning bids." J.D. Pritchard, President of PCI Bridge

"I am really excited in the outcome of your product! It has maintained its integrity with the issues we were having as far as the lead levels in the demolition process and now we are getting ready for the disposal of the waste. All of our lab work has come out as not detected and free of any leaching - I have to say I am impressed!" E. Matteson, EHS Instructor & Safety Specialist

"We tried this on a 3bd/2ba 1940s fix-up with some lead paint and mildew concerns and it worked great on both the interior and exterior. When we opened the pails, there was some separation with a thick base and about a half inch of liquid on top, but it mixed out well and applied easily. The ECOBOND covered the walls really well and accepted the satin topcoat well with no streaks or bleeding through. We were going to prime the kitchen cabinets, too (they were painted and in poor condition), but we decided to replace all the cabinets and left a natural finish. We also were planning to contract for exterior vinyl siding, but it was easier to prime with ECOBOND® LBP and paint with Behr ourselves.” Ejerseyfam from Edison, NJ

"I just finished using your product in San Pedro, CA. I want to thank you for the great service and appreciate that the product was shipped directly to our home. I was real happy with the product." T. Cordova