D100 3290 web “Since learning about LeadDefender®, we have found that this product provides a cost effective way to improve safety for our workers while at the same time, reducing the challenges we face in working with lead based paint. In fact, we have been able to effectively make LeadDefender® a part of winning bids!” – JD Pritchard, President, PCI Bridge, Inc.


review contractors win more bids


Commercial and Industrial Contractors nationwide have lowered their costs for performing lead paint projects simply by using LeadDefender®.



How can LeadDefender® help you win more bids?

1. LeadDefender® is an multi-use lead paint treatment product for

  • Interior/Exterior Paint, Primer, or Sealant
  • Lead Based Paint RRP, Remediation and Demolition, Lead Paint Stabilization, and Prior to Removal
  • Seal and Treat Lead Dust and Lead in Lead Paint
  • Paint it on, Leave it on Tintable Paint or Primer
  • Lead Paint Treatment for Disposal
  • Assists with Obtaining Final Inspection Clearance

2. LeadDefender® is the Lowest Cost Lead Paint Treatment Available

  • LeadDefender® costs less than 25¢/sf; 40-80% less than typical abatement products
  • LeadDefender® coats up to 300 sf/gallon, 2 – 3 times MORE than other lead products
  • LeadDefender® treated waste will generally be classified as non-hazardous for lower disposal costs

3. Easy application

  • Easy application using standard equipment: Spray it, Brush it, or Roll it!
  • Paint it on Leave it on
    • Used as an interior primer or  tintable top-coat, flat finish
    • Used as an exterior primer, LeadDefender® readily accepts most topcoats
  • Fewer steps and easy clean-up = less time which can lower overall bid cost