number threeLead based paints are a health hazard. For industrial or residential structures built between 1950 and early 1970s, chances are the paint on the structure is lead based. Health and environmental experts have in the past pinpointed the health effects of exposure to lead which can range from minor annoyances to potentially being deadly. The EPA has great resources for more detailed study at

In a bid to adhere to the regulations and protect their employees, industries have embarked on a mission to remove the lead-based paints from their structure. It’s however important to realize that lead paint is not like your ordinary everyday paint; this one is a dangerous paint which requires special care in dealing with the removal as well as federal regulations regarding getting rid of it.

Wear protective gear   

It is common to hear people say that a mask is the only thing you need when removing the lead paint from your structure. When it comes to lead, a mask is not sufficient; you need industrial certified and proven safety gear. Lead is a dangerous metal and exposure to it in any way can turn out hazardous. Make sure that you research the best protective hear on the market that will protect yourself in working with lead paint.  

Control the lead dust    

While you have the protective gear in place while working with the lead paint, it’s not a guarantee that everyone around you is safe. Lead dust, if potentially inhaled, has some serious lead poisoning effects, especially to the surrounding populations of children and pregnant women. The best way to control the dust is to work at one structure at a time and, if possible, seal the paint before embarking on removal.    

When sealing & painting over lead paint becomes a necessity, our proven and patented product will treat paint containing lead when applications remain on walls in an industry-leading Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® Formula! If removing paint from those walls is necessary, lead dust is effectively rendered as non-hazardous and safe for removal.

Safety begins with you    

To avoid lead poisoning, you should not eat, drink, or smoke during the job. It is possible to take the lead concentrated clothing from the factory to your house and hence expose your family to lead poisoning. Before leaving the site, you should dispose all the overalls and treat your clothing and surrounding areas with a special HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner.  

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