Even though lead-based paint has been banned from production since 1978, there continues to be a need to be aware of the dangers of lead exposure.

According to an article from the Minnesota Newspaper Association from January 2020, the state health department reported that “91,175 children over the age of 6 received blood lead tests between 2014 and 2018, the latest year for data is made available in the update.”

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The article continued that “children under the age of 6 and especially between age 1 and 3 are most vulnerable to lead exposure. Lead is commonly found in homes built before 1978 and is ingested in hand-to-mouth contact by children who grab areas where older homes can shed paint dust and chips. Elevated blood lead can lead to behavioral problems, shortened attention span, lower IQ, slower growth and decreased coordination. Children who live in or visit holder homes should be tested at both age 1 and age 2, according to the MDH. A second test is advised even if the first test was negative as risk behaviors lead to exposure change as the child develops.”

Their interactive map provides detailed information by county and the number of children impacted by elevated blood lead levels (EBLLs)

Lead poisoning is not something that any child should be subjected to, whether it comes through negligence or blatant disregard for safety. Any level of lead in the blood is considered unsafe, and Americans should continue to dispose of outdated lead-based products in a proper way to replace them with new products that will not pose a risk to the health of everyone around.

In our recent blog post titled: “Lead Regulations and Declining Blood Lead Levels in Children,” despite encouraging progress, elevated lead levels in children in the United States is an issue that requires ongoing attention.

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