Upwards Of $400 Million In Federal Funding For Lead Poison Prevention!  

Significant changes have occurred regarding the federal funding for Lead Poisoning Prevention. These changes occurred alongside new EPA guidelines. The new EPA guidelines detail a significant decrease in the amount of detectable lead particle clearance levels. The EPA is finalizing its proposal to lower the DLHS for floors from 40 µg/ft2 to 10 µg/ft2 and its proposal to lower the DLHS for windowsills from 250 µg/ft2 to 100 µg/ft2. These new clearance levels have been agreed upon by various agencies due to the adverse effects of lead exposure that still pose a significant threat to many. While no lead exposure has been deemed as safe, limiting lead exposure can improve the quality of life for children and adults alike.

The National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalitions (NSHHC) requested for increased funding on lead poisoning prevention. This has been justified by increasing the CDC healthy homes and lead poisoning prevention programs work. The program allows the CDC to provide grants to conduct needed surveillance of children exposed to lead, provide national data, case management, enable local jurisdictions more, and allow for action to be taken before children are exposed rather than after.   The federal funding for lead poisoning prevention has been increased to upwards of 400 million dollars, the highest funding by Congress to date.  

 Who does this effect?  

This can affect a variety of individuals, organizations, or companies in positions such as building construction, specialty trade contractors, real estate, child day care services, elementary and secondary schools, residential properties, property owners, and the like.

 How to address this?

Effective treatment of lead paint is viable and accessible. Lead should be treated and not just encapsulated. ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® seals and treats the lead and lead dust in lead-based paint. The molecules in our paint chemically bond to the lead when in contact with it, rendering the threat of airborne particles or damaged surfaces dramatically reduced. ECOBOND can be applied to a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. This treatment is designed for professional use with patented lead treatment reagents, paint penetrators, softeners and the best professional grade quality latex paint. This will penetrate, bond, seal and treat existing lead paint applications and control the spread of airborne lead.

The use of ECOBOND® - LeadDefender® can significantly reduce or limit costs of lead treatment as well. A professional lead cleanup can cost tens of thousands of dollars. With the new EPA regulations and a major increase in lead testing, funding and programs, lead particle exposure cannot be risked. Using our product is both a safe and economical solution to the new guidelines that are being imposed and will give extra piece of mind to anyone worried about lead-based paint exposure.

The Lead Problem Came in a Paint Can - the Solution Can Too! ECOBOND® - LeadDefender® is so much more than just paint!

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