Executive Summary:

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is an autonomous legal entity of the Republic of Panama, established under public law, established under Title XIV of the National Constitution with exclusive charge of the operation, administration, management, preservation, maintenance, and modernization of the Canal, as well as its activities and related services, pursuant to legal and constitutional regulations in force, so that the Canal may operate in a safe, continuous, efficient, and profitable manner.

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP, for its Spanish acronym) recognizes the need to manage the waterway with criteria that take into consideration the progress of its stakeholders [the Panamanian people], Canal users, communities, and other players involved. Therefore, its mission is oriented towards concepts of development and environmental sustainability.

 The ACP’s environmental strategy is based on three main points: 

  1. compliance with the responsibility of managing and preserving the water resource of the Canal Watershed;
  2. efficient operation of the Canal; and
  3. protection of the environment and fostering sustainable development of the Watershed.

It is worth emphasizing that the vision and mission of the ACP propose the integration of the surroundings in which the Canal operates and its inhabitants.  In accordance with this new vision, the ACP subscribed the United Nations Global Compact in December 2002 and, in August 2002, became a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).  Furthermore, the ACP follows international standards such as the Equator Principles (EPs) in dealing with environmental impact assessment. In subscribing to these agreements, the Panama Canal Authority reiterates its commitment to take into account the environmental and social aspects in all of its activities and projects to avoid or minimize possible negative impacts.



The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) hired a Contractor to build a floating dock, it was discovered that there was lead paint present in several buildings that were set to be demolished. Ignoring this may present more potential problems with disposal, worker safety or other considerations. 

How the Product Helped:

Because there was no prior experience in lead treatment, a search was conducted for possible solutions. Typical lead paint removal options were analyzed for cost and convenience and among the other products, this product, ECOBOND® - Lead Defender®, offers a lead treatment paint at the best cost.

We are using “as a reference” the ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® in most of the construction projects requiring some kind of lead treatment, because it was tested and approved to use in the Canal; our engineering department only allows specific materials..

Luis A. Henríquez F.
Ingeniero Civil

We are very pleased with the results of ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® and suggest others needing lead paint removal to consider this product.

Adrian Sanchez
Project Manager
Panama Canal Authority (ACP)


ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® is specially formulated for residential or professional use with patented lead treatment reagents, paint penetrators, softeners and the best professional grade quality latex paint to penetrate, bond, seal and treat existing lead paint applications and control the spread of airborne lead while providing advanced human bioavailability reduction. ECOBOND®, patented lead paint treatment technology, is the premier lead paint solution and surpasses all other lead paint products because it is the ONLY product on the market that seals as well as treats lead dust and lead in paint with a Patented Paint-it-on Leave-it-on® Formula. While lead poisoning can cause serious health problems for adults, children are especially vulnerable. ECOBOND®, LLC is the nation’s leader in developing and distributing products that improve the protection of human health and safety from the hazards of lead in the home, workplace, and the environment. With over 15 years in patented and proven success, the ECOBOND® family of products have been extensively used in successfully treating lead hazards in over 11,000,000 tons of material while serving over 100,000 customers in the United States and Internationally.

ECOBOND® - Lead Defender® recently announced new research confirming the efficacy of lead treatment protocols with demonstrated benefits by third party validation of a novel, low cost Lead Contaminated Surface Treatment (LCST). This treatment effectively treats and seals lead contaminated surfaces; thereby mitigating the potential for lead exposure hazards to humans and the environment.
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