Enjoy Peace of Mind from the Dangers of Lead Paint When You Use Our Proven & Patented ECOBOND® Family of Products! Over the last 10 years, thousands of residential, commercial and governmental contractors became dissatisfied & frustrated with traditional costly lead paint removal products and made the decision to replace their old expensive encapsulant products. They found that when they started using ECOBOND® LBP’s uniquely patented ability to treat lead paint on interior and exterior surfaces, it gave them safer and lower-cost results with low odor, low VOC, quick-dry penetrating resin, firm anchorage and paint application compatibility. They can now treat lead based paint in a leave-on application; they appreciate that they don’t have to merely coat the lead paint, they can now treat the lead for improved safety! Did you know that the amount of lead that could be contained in a sugar package is enough to contaminate a 1,500 sf home? According to OSHA, workplace exposure is a major cause of adult lead poisoning and workers exposed to lead dust can inadvertently introduce lead to their homes and family from clothing, skin or shoes. Even very small amounts of lead can be hazardous for pregnant women and young children. LeadDefender® makes it easier to protect your workers, building occupants, and their families.


LeadDefender® SEALS AND TREATS LEAD DUST AND LEAD IN LEAD PAINT For use as interior or exterior paint, primer and sealant Eliminates up to 99% airborne lead dust Seals and treats chipping/peeling lead paint prior to component removal Seals and treats lead in lead paint to leave in place or for non-hazardous waste disposal LeadDefender® IS PROVEN AND PATENTED TO REDUCE LEAD HAZARDS UP TO 95% Patented formula chemically converts lead in lead paint and lead dust to provide long term stabilization for non-hazardous disposal LeadDefender® PROVIDES MAXIMUM ADHERENCE TO LEAD PAINT SURFACES Easily applied paint formula – Spray it on, Brush it on, or Roll it on Specially formulated softeners and penetrators to maximize surface adherence