Children high fiveLead is something we don't think about very much in modern-day America. Why would we? Lead is mostly used industrially these days. Short of events like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, lead exposure seems like a thing of the past. However, in the not-too-distant past, this dangerous heavy metal was everywhere. We used it in pencils, we put it in cosmetics, we used it in paint... it was one of those miracle metals we didn't realize caused serious health problems until it was way too late. Once absorbed into the body, lead stays put, and it can cause problems in every major internal organ. In large enough quantities, lead can even kill. Selecting the best lead paint treatment is critical

Which is why if you're moving into a house built before 1978, it's a good chance to check the paint to make sure it's safe with Lead Paint Testing. We recommend going to Home Depot online to select a kit.

According to the EPA, 1978 was the year the federal government officially banned the use of lead-based paint. That didn't do anything to fix the lead that was already coating walls all across America, though, and several of those walls still have lead-based paint on them. It might be under a few newer coats of paint, but the lead is still there. Worse, over time, that lead-based paint can wear down, and turn to dust. That dust gets on your skin, in your mouth, in your eyes, and now it's in your body, whether you wanted it there or not.

That's why, before you move into a home (especially an older home), it's important to check it for lead contamination. Once you've had the tests done, and you know for sure that there is or isn't lead in your home, you can take the next step. Either sighing in relief and getting on with your life, or deciding how you're going to remove that lead before it can cause you and your loved ones any grief.

Earlier this year, the news of children in Flint, Michigan suffering from lead poisoning due to the tainted water supply in the city, made parents all over the country nervous.

If the news of Flint, Michigan's water problems made you shudder in fear at the thought of your children ever being exposed to dangerous levels of lead through the water supply, you should know that water isn't the worst culprit of lead exposure. 

According to the New York Times article, "Flint is In the News, but Lead Poisoning is Even Worse in Cleveland" by Michael Mines, lead poisoning is a concern in cities all over the country.

"Too much lead in children’s blood has long been an everyday fact in  too much lead in children’s blood has long been an everyday fact in Cleveland and scores of other cities — not because of bungled decisions about drinking water, but largely because a decades-long attack on lead in household paint has faltered."

The only way to make sure your children are safe is to invest in lead paint testing for your home. This is especially important if you have recently moved, or if you live in an older home.

Hopefully, no lead will be found in your home's paint.  However if lead is found in the paint in your home, we can walk you through how to solve the problem quickly and effectively. You will need to use the right lead paint removal treatment products.

We want to help you provide a safe environment for your children. Please contact us to learn more about lead paint testing for your home.