LeadDefender® Provides Effective Lead Poisoning Prevention


Specialty LeadDefender® phosphates combine with lead dust/paint to create a lead-phosphate mineral that reduces the ability to absorb lead into the blood stream, thereby reducing relative lead bioavailability. (your specific results may vary)

According to the US EPA, the leading cause of childhood lead poisoning is lead paint exposure. Although there is national focus (US EPA, HUD) on reducing lead paint hazards, especially for children; with up to 80% of all structures in the United States containing lead based paint, it is not a problem that can be solved quickly. Historical lead hazard reduction methods, e.g. encapsulation and removal, can be costly and may use caustic chemicals.

Alternative methods for lead poisoning prevention and to limit the impact of lead on young children are needed.

LeadDefender® has invested significant resources in order to develop an effective and easy to use lead poisoning prevention product to seal and treat lead paint hazards, and reduce relative lead bioavailability (the ability of the body to absorb lead). This product, LeadDefender®, is based on the same LeadDefender® technology that has been used successfully for over a decade to treat lead and other metals in over 1,000,000 tons of solid waste. Independent testing performed to US EPA-approved procedures for relative bioavailability of lead confirmed in multiple testing that a standard coating application of LeadDefender® successfully reduced the bioavailability of lead-paint containing materials.(your specific results may vary)  >>Read more


Effective Solutions for Typical Lead Paint Scenarios

A comprehensive scientific study was conducted by an independent laboratory, following US EPA test methods, to validate LeadDefender®’s 10 year marketplace proven ability to seal and treat lead paint hazards under a wide variety of uses including 1) All-in-One Primer and Topcoat, 2) Primer + Name Brand Latex Topcoat, 3) Primer + Standard Epoxy Encapsulant, 4) Sealant and Treatment Prior to Demolition and Disposal, 5) Prior to Disposal. This case study describes effective solutions for typical lead paint scenarios such as chipping/peeling paint, multiple layers of lead paint, interior/exterior, renovation, demolition… >> Read More

LeadDefender® Proven Successful in Treating Lead Dust and Lead Paint Safely and Economically

The City of Arvada required cost-effective, safe and responsible lead/lead dust treatment in order to decommission a lead contaminated industrial structure, a former indoor firing range. After reviewing standard  approaches, the City was concerned about the potential for spreading lead dust to workers and the environment and began to search for new, more proactive approaches.  >>Read More