Lead paint can pose a major threat when ingested or inhaled. Taking care of lead based paint appropriately can effectively mitigate your risks when it comes to lead hazards. There are many ways to remove lead based paint. ECOBOND LBP is an affordable option that seals and treats lead in lead dust and in lead based paint prior to removal. ECOBOND LBP is a unique, low-cost solution to treating your lead paint for safe and non-hazardous removal. Stripping or scraping your lead based paint can release harmful lead dust into the air. Inhaling lead dust is extremely dangerous for your health. ECOBOND reduces airborne lead by 99% and lead hazards by 95%.

This low-cost solution to reduce the hazards of lead based paint in order to safely remove it from the structure can be used in multiple ways. See our product uses below.

 Get rid of lead based paint and lead dust by treating it first with ECOBOND LBP.


  • Lead dust sealant – 99% airborne lead reduction
  • Lead dust/lead paint treatment – 95% reduction in lead hazards
  • “Paint it on, leave it on” formula for RRP or demolition
  • Paint it on and remove it with the lead based paint during removal
  • Residential/HUD lead paint hazard control and maintenance
  • Obtaining final clearance for lead paint project
  • Use as a primer or as a fully tintable topcoat
  • Non hazardous and environmentally friendly waste-disposal