What is lead paint? Lead was introduced early on in paints that were used in many households, on buildings, bridges and other structures. In 1978, congress passed a law banning the use of lead paint in homes throughout the country after studies had shown the negative impacts of lead exposure on humans.

Testing your home for elevated lead levels is critical in determining the proper approach to reducing the hazards associated with lead paint. Dealing with lead paint can feel like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be! Protecting yourself and your family are of the utmost importance when it comes to lead based paint.

ECOBOND LBP is a paint, primer and sealant that effectively seals and treats lead paint hazards. With ECOBOND LBP, you can easily paint over the lead with this specially formulated solution to seal and treat the existing lead while reducing the hazardous side effects! ECOBOND LBP is easy to use and can be painted on and left on or can be painted on for lead treatment prior to removal. ECOBOND LBP is affordable and can help you mitigate your risks when it comes to the effects of lead based paint. Lead toxins are very hazardous to children and women who are pregnant and can be life-threatening in some cases.

ECOBOND LBP – So much more than just paint! See our product uses below.


Lead dust sealant – 99% airborne lead reduction

Lead dust/lead paint treatment – 95% reduction in lead hazards

“Paint it on, leave it on” formula for RRP or demolition

Paint it on and remove it with the lead based paint during removal

Residential/HUD lead paint hazard control and maintenance

Obtaining final clearance for lead paint project

Use as a primer or as a fully tintable topcoat

Non hazardous and environmentally friendly waste-disposal